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Famous Roses all the way to Norway

After finishing my studies in Norway, I decided to move permanently from Romania to the beautiful city of Bergen. The only thing that made me think a while about this moving, was my rose garden I managed to grow over the years. All my roses where bought from Famous Roses, a Romanian online shop that sell a great variety of appreciated rose breeds.

Most of the products that Famous Roses sell are award winning roses for their beauty, colour and fragrance. Nevertheless, I was determined to have my rose garden even in Bergen. Knowing that Famous Roses ship their products in all European country’s I made a phone call prior to my leaving in Norway. I explained their customer support my needs and they assured me that once I place the order the roses will shipped and delivered without any problem.

After some time after I settled in my new home in Bergen I was ready to order from Famous Roses a couple breed to make my garden beautiful and aromatic once more.

I was looking in particular for climbing roses because they are among my favourite kind of roses. When it came to add products in my shopping cart my first choice were the Louis De Funes as he is my favourite comedy actor of all times and that particular rose breed has a cheerful orange color and it can grow up to 1.9 m. For my second choice I was very drawn by the Papa Meilland breed, a very beautiful rose that grows up to 3 m in height and has very large flowers up to 12 cm. The Papa Meilland has won a Golden medal in past at various rose exhibitions.

But I was not done yet, I wanted one more rose to have my rose garden completed, so I bought something new for me. The Julio Iglesias was under my radar for quite a while. This rose it’s the trademark of the biggest love song singer and has an intense fragrance of citrus and verbena. The plant has a very good resistance in a vase as well.

After buying 5 plants of each I was ready to place the order and to my surprise the shipping was free because the total amount was higher than 139 euros. Famous Roses offers free delivery for order larger that 139 euros all over Europe.

Next time when you want to buy roses online, Famous Roses is the right answer!

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